This site was created by mothers who have lost children due to drug overdoses in Winnebago County, Illinois. Our goal is to honor the lives of those lost. Create an area for loved ones to find support, resources, and come together for the good of our community in Northern Illinois. Please feel free to share photos and memories of your loved ones.

"Addiction Is A Disease, Not A Character Flaw"

Together we can support each other, and shed light on the often dark arena of Addiction and Drug Abuse.

Due to the Social Stigma of Addiction, Loved Ones often struggle in silence, trying to cope and survive the loss drugs has brought to their lives.

We are not alone, nor should we feel shunned, or ashamed, because someone we loved struggled with the disease of addiction.

Would you be interested in meeting with others to share ideas and to form groups for community advocacy work?   Would you be interested in support group meetings?

Please email your name, email address and phone number (optional) to winnebagomemorial@gmail.com.